Brad Pitt, chocolate fountains, and lesbian vampire warriors

In twelve hours on the Croisette, a party with dancing film critics and a chocolate fountain, a blunt crime thriller starring Brad Pitt, and a look at some of the more absurd films being shopped around the sprawling Cannes Market.

At Cannes, cinema without borders and an ‘Indian Brigitte Bardot’

With an Iranian film set in Japan, a Korean film starring French actress Isabelle Huppert, and the "Indian Brigitte Bardot" wheeling and dealing on the Croisette, Cannes this year suggest the borderless, globalized nature of cinema today.

Michael Haneke gets sincere, Xavier Dolan clears the air

81-year-old Jean-Louis Trintignant is shattering in Michael Haneke's strong competition entry "Amour". Meanwhile, on the other end of the age spectrum, 23-year-old "Laurence Anyways" director Xavier Dolan sat down with me for a chat.

Festival director and feminists lock horns as Cannes prepares for take-off

Critics are drooling over screening schedules, star gazers have camped out across from the red carpet, French feminists are fighting with festival organiser Thierry Fremaux...and things haven't even kicked off yet. Welcome to Cannes!

Big names, hip casts, and hot topics outside main Cannes line-up

Big-name directors, hotshot up-and-comers, a hipster duo in period garb, and movies about terrorism, cross-dressers, and the seedy underworld of the Indian film's a peek at the juiciest-looking movies outside the main competition.

Faces of Cannes: Ten performances to watch

Teen idols striving for artistic cred, a Romanian newcomer, an aging US heartthrob, Hollywood's favorite French actress, a Korean leading man, and more. Here's a sneak peek at ten of the most eagerly awaited performers in competition this year.

A smart, stylish, slightly random jury to preside over Cannes 2012

This year’s Cannes jury is, as always, an international, stylish, somewhat random gallery of cinema professionals - and one outsider. Here’s a breakdown of who’ll be butting heads, bonding, and choosing prizewinners behind closed doors.

Cannes selection: Prize-winners, pretty young things, and tales of sex and violence

Lots of past prize-winners, movies brimming with sex and violence, and pretty young things hoping to graduate to the big leagues....Here's a closer look at what this year's enticing Cannes competition has in store.

Woody, the Sarkozys, and other notables outside the main Cannes line-up

What stands out among films outside the central line-up this year? Woody Allen in Paris (with First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy), President Sarkozy skewered onscreen, a teen romance by Gus Van Sant, and the latest from French heavyweight André Téchiné.

The jury is in

Robert De Niro will be presiding over a typically international jury mixing glamorous actors, well-regarded industry professionals, and a literary figure with a serious film legacy. Will they agree on the winners?