As Cannes 2013 raises curtain, a question: is the selection too French?

As Cannes prepares to raise the curtain on its 2013 edition, opinions are already flying about the competition line-up. Is it too French? Too American? Just right? Various critics, as well as Cannes artistic director Thierry Frémaux, weigh in.

Sofia Coppola, James Franco, and Mideast films light up Cannes side sections

Some of the most interesting films at Cannes are usually found outside the main competition. This year, new works from Sofia Coppola, Claire Denis, and James Franco, as well as films from Israel and Palestine, are some of the most eagerly awaited.

Ten duos to watch at Cannes 2013

This year's competition is full of films featuring intriguing duos of actors: Michael Douglas and Matt Damon as lovers, Marion Cotillard and Joaquin Phoenix as prostitute and pimp, Kristin Scott Thomas and Ryan Gosling as mother and son, and more.

Jury chair Spielberg and Cannes head for fascinating collision

Jury head Steven Spielberg and the Cannes Film Festival should be a fascinating collision of cinematic tastes and tendencies. Other collisions may take place behind closed doors; Spielberg is chairing the most heavyweight jury in recent memory.

Cannes selection: Sex, revenge, and family dysfunction

The 2013 Cannes competition films look to be be ripe with drama of all varieties - erotic, romantic, domestic, existential, supernatural – and pairs of potentially juicy lead performances.

Palme d'Or goes to Michael Haneke's 'Amour', a portrait of love and death

The coveted Palme d’Or went to Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke’s “Amour”, a sober, gorgeously directed portrait of an elderly couple facing terrifying questions of life and death. Some of the jury's other choices left people scratching their heads.

Palme of reason or Palme of passion?

One day before the big prizes are handed out, Cannes has a serious case of Palme fever. Will the jury go for the Palme of reason ("Amour"), the Palme of passion ("Holy Motors"), or something unexpected?

Heartthrob Robert Pattinson fails to deliver in Cronenberg's 'Cosmopolis'

"Twilight" heartthrob Robert Pattinson fails to deliver in David Cronenberg's sleekly beautiful, but dramatically lifeless competition entry "Cosmopolis". Elsewhere on the Croisette, three furry, four-legged performers picked up prizes.

Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman light up torrid, unfairly bashed ‘Paperboy’

It was greeted by boos and jeers. But Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman bring heat and humor to Lee Daniels' Southern thriller "The Paperboy", a pulpy, outrageously entertaining treat with a bit more on its mind than people may think.

Amid Palme d'Or gossip, 'Holy Motors' steals 'On the Road' thunder

Speculation about what film could take home the top Palme d'Or prize raged at Cannes Wednesday, with Leos Carax's crazy, inspired "Holy Motors" seen as a frontrunner. Walter Salles's lovely "On the Road" drew mostly shrugs and scoffs.