The Left's Nuclear Dilemma

As the Socialists attempt to strengthen their electoral position through an alliance with the Green party in France, nuclear power has become a burning issue.

France, and the Socialists, need a debate on nuclear

Nuclear could become a key issue ahead of next year's presedential elections. Matthew Moran and Carl Miller tell us why.
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The French presidency: When absence makes the heart grow fonder

Stepping back from the spotlight from time to time can have a positive impact on a politician’s presidential credentials. A guest post from Maura Stewart tells us why.

Le Pen 2.0: Analysing the Front National

With the French political landscape in turmoil, just how much of a threat does the FN pose to the mainstream parties?

Looking beyond the veil: France’s burka ban

Today sees a ban on the full Islamic veil come into force in France. The culmination of a lengthy and highly politicised process, the new law reveals the xenophobic currents that lie beneath the polished veneer of the French republican model.