Dual citizenship in the cross-hairs?

In its drive to charm ultra-nationalist voters, members of Nicolas Sarkozy’s UMP party are taking shots at dual citizenship in France. But the latest debate on French hides a different and more worrying trend.

The Socialists’ two-horse race

The Socialist Party’s primaries are still months away and many candidate names have been floated. But the contest that will decide the main challenger to Nicolas Sarkozy’s re-election bid in 2012 is fast turning into a two-horse race.

The growing menace of the center

Jean-Louis Borloo's candidature for France's 2012 presidential elections remains unofficial, but in a recent interview the centrist has left little doubt he is ready to challenge President Sarkozy re-election bid.

The other dark chapter of Strauss-Kahn’s life

A young French novelist has said she is considering pressing charges against Strauss-Kahn for a sexual assault that allegedly took place in 2002. The IMF chief’s dramatic arrest in New York could reopen a troubling chapter of his life.
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TV eco-warrior plans to pollute his reputation

Nicolas Hulot, a television host who has been waging war on behalf of Mother Nature for decades, is loved by all in France. That is, until now.