Where is Obama? And where isn’t Sarkozy?

US President Barack Obama’s absence at the anti-terror march in Paris on Sunday, which united some 40 world leaders and 1.5 million people, has left US conservative Americans incensed.

Naughty Nicolas Sarkozy can do no wrong with the right

Nicolas Sarkozy bounded back onto the political stage on Monday to great fanfare and jubilation, despite having lost 11 million euros of UMP party money to electoral debauchery.

No humour, please: France’s Hollande under fire for cracking jokes

With a reputation for wisecracks, French President François Hollande has earned the nickname of Monsieur Petites-Blagues (Mr Little Jokes) over the years. But in the past few weeks, his bons mots have got the right-wing opposition all worked up.

Sarkozy son awarded teaching job... before finishing his own studies

Nicolas Sarkozy’s second eldest caused uproar this week when it emerged that the 26-year-old had been offered a position as a law professor at a top Paris university, before even completing his own studies.
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How not to have an affair like a French president

What do France’s four last presidents have in common? They were all discovered having affairs. That’s the message a Canadian extramarital dating website is using to attract French customers. But can Canadians teach the French to cheat?

Become a friend of Sarkozy for just €25

Nicolas Sarkozy might no longer be your president, but he’ll always be your friend... For just 25 euros, you too can call yourself a “Friend of Sarkozy”.

France's presidential portraits, from the garden to the library – and back

French President François Hollande posed in the palace gardens for his “official portrait”, released on Monday. The picture will be hung in official buildings across the country for the rest of his term. How did his predecessors pose for their own?

Carla Bruni, the worm in Sarkozy's mouldy apple?

François Hollande’s journalist girlfriend Valérie Trierweiler has been described as his “lucky charm". What about Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife, beauty-turned-Botox queen Carla Bruni? Is she a hindrance or a help to his campaign?

Socialists don’t know 'real work': Sarkozy’s desperate Mayday call

With five days to go till election day, a desperate Nicolas Sarkozy was faced with a dilemma Wednesday when France’s annual leftwing mass-gathering took hold of the capital. Solution? Gatecrash the party! And insult the Socialists, naturally...

‘I'd make the suburbs my top priority’

Welcome to Les banlieues, where millions of the capital's poorest families squeeze into overcrowded tower blocks. You certainly don’t see any ‘Sarkozy for president’ posters in the windows. But once upon a time, the president had an ally here…