French court bans Ricard Facebook campaign in judicial first

French judges have ordered pastis giant Ricard to scrap a smartphone app because it allowed users to share cocktail recipes on Facebook. They also banned a campaign by the brand, saying it painted alcohol as a social lubricant.

How not to have an affair like a French president

What do France’s four last presidents have in common? They were all discovered having affairs. That’s the message a Canadian extramarital dating website is using to attract French customers. But can Canadians teach the French to cheat?

Ugly invaders expelled from ‘BeautifulPeople’ website

Journalists and bloggers delighted in the news Monday that an elitist dating website had been infiltrated by thousands of “ugly people” following a cyber attack last month. Look a little closer though, and it’s the beautiful people who won this one.
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Mexico's makeover attempt

Four years of bloodshed and 28,000 thousand people have been killed in the so-called drug war, and without any doubt this have damaged immensely the image of Mexico throughout the world,[...]