French court bans Ricard Facebook campaign in judicial first

French judges have ordered pastis giant Ricard to scrap a smartphone app because it allowed users to share cocktail recipes on Facebook. They also banned a campaign by the brand, saying it painted alcohol as a social lubricant.

Beer not welcome in wine-obsessed France

French beer-drinkers were hit with a 160% tax increase on their favourite beverage on Tuesday, making the cost of a pint one of the most expensive in Europe. What do the French have against beer?
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French kiss, French bread...French beer?

The French excel at a number of things, but who knew that one of them was beer?
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Twitter or a risky getaway to avoid the breathalyzer test in Mexico City

Since the city authorities began to install checkpoints for the breathalyzer test in strategic points of this metropolis of 20 million inhabitants, back in 2003, it has become one of the worst nightmare for those who likes partying all night long, have been looking desperately for ways of avoiding them.