My Twitter highlights of 2015

With more and more buzz around “serious” news stories, Twitter is increasingly driving the news agenda and journalists ignore the social network at their peril. Here are some of my personal highlights from the Twittersphere in 2015.

Geography, history, twittery? French pupils get Twitter lessons

French pupils as young as five will be taught to use Twitter this academic year, when the popular social network reaches into classrooms across the country as a reading and writing exercise that is bound to get tongues wagging.
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After the UK riots: from fightback to firewall?

After the violence, the official response. Thursday saw British Prime Minister David Cameron speak for the third day in a row following the worst riots to hit London and other British cities in decades.

Obama’s 'Twitter Town Hall', a democratic breakthrough?

The Twittersphere became a hotbed of activity Wednesday when Barack Obama appeared on the social network to perform his latest tech-savvy stunt – the first ever “Twitter Town Hall” Q&A. But was it a democratic breakthrough or just a publicity stunt?
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Information gap in the global village, unlikely; President Calderon’s nightmare

Times have changed the way that society informs themselves on national and world events. In this digital era, as we all know, the information travels in a speed never imagined.

Famous and fake: Twitter's funniest faux-celebrities

Never has parodying famous people been so easy. Twitter allows thousands of politicians, celebrities and fictional characters to fall victim to online ridiculing. Here are a few of them…
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Twitterati’s 17th century origins

Swept in on a tide of twit-related terminology, ‘Twitterati’ is a veritable newcomer to the English language, but its roots lie in a term relating to the literary snobs of the 17th century, and a 1950s stint in showbusiness.
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Twitter or a risky getaway to avoid the breathalyzer test in Mexico City

Since the city authorities began to install checkpoints for the breathalyzer test in strategic points of this metropolis of 20 million inhabitants, back in 2003, it has become one of the worst nightmare for those who likes partying all night long, have been looking desperately for ways of avoiding them.