My Twitter highlights of 2015

With more and more buzz around “serious” news stories, Twitter is increasingly driving the news agenda and journalists ignore the social network at their peril. Here are some of my personal highlights from the Twittersphere in 2015.

Why Are Germans So Sympathetic to Russia?

The German public may not trust Vladimir Putin personally, but they are readily buying the Russian argument that Moscow feels encircled and endangered by the West.

Youths, Immigrants, and Outsiders are Southern Europe’s Best Hopes

Unemployed youth, immigrants, and societies that are either outside the EU should be at the front of a strategy for Southern Europe’s renaissance. These groups have the motivation to innovate and create new opportunities for growth in the region.

'Merkozy' for president – this time it’s serious

Angela Merkel has ruffled French feathers with a pledge to join Nicolas Sarkozy in his campaign for re-election this spring. Merkozy for president? No thanks, say the French.

Merkozy for President?

Fiscal union is being touted as the answer to all the eurozone's problems - but how will Sarkozy sell it to a sceptical electorate?