Youths, Immigrants, and Outsiders are Southern Europe’s Best Hopes

Unemployed youth, immigrants, and societies that are either outside the EU should be at the front of a strategy for Southern Europe’s renaissance. These groups have the motivation to innovate and create new opportunities for growth in the region.

Labor Pains: Why the Transatlantic Jobs Crisis is Worse than it Appears

Two recent official reports have dampened the economic mood on both sides of the Atlantic: U.S. Department of Labor data shows the U.S. job market is slowing down, while the European Commission’s spring economic outlook predicts rising unemployment.

Something In The Way They Lose… or why Cristiano Ronaldo will never win the international big prizes for Portugal...

The World Cup is about winners – and have we been given a treat over the quarter final phase. Upsets and great goals…


But take a look at how the losers accept their fate.

Pictures of the fans distraught, players sprawled out on the pitch in the ultimate position of the vanquished – flat on their backs, curled up in almost fœtal positions, no, no, no not this time, not us… Then there’s Cristiano Ronaldo. On Portugal’s exit from the World Cup, the megastar of world soccer is tracked by a tv camera.

The same Cristiano Ronaldo who always looks up at the big screen to check out his big close up…

The same Cristiano Ronaldo who is plastered over adverts ….

Why was he so shocked and outraged to find a tv camera looking for his reaction ?

Why wouldn’t the monster that pays him on one side not be there looking for the reaction to his and Portugal’s exit from the World Cup ?


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How to make money on your home team?

I thought football fans were supposed to skip work in order to watch world cup games. Well certainly there weren't so many people in my corner cafe in Paris, where I went to watch the match between Ivory Coast and Portugal. 20-some year old students sitting at a couple of tables, a few people alone studying, reading, working on laptop computers. I sat next to two men, one of them dressed in a white chef's garb. Why aren't there more people? Weren't today's games supposed to be the killer game?. The strongest teams together? "People don't really care so much unless it's the French team," said the man in white."That's why everybody hopes the French team will do well, so we'll get more business." We, of course, means cafes. Hmm.

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