Something In The Way They Lose… or why Cristiano Ronaldo will never win the international big prizes for Portugal...

The World Cup is about winners – and have we been given a treat over the quarter final phase. Upsets and great goals…


But take a look at how the losers accept their fate.

Pictures of the fans distraught, players sprawled out on the pitch in the ultimate position of the vanquished – flat on their backs, curled up in almost fœtal positions, no, no, no not this time, not us… Then there’s Cristiano Ronaldo. On Portugal’s exit from the World Cup, the megastar of world soccer is tracked by a tv camera.

The same Cristiano Ronaldo who always looks up at the big screen to check out his big close up…

The same Cristiano Ronaldo who is plastered over adverts ….

Why was he so shocked and outraged to find a tv camera looking for his reaction ?

Why wouldn’t the monster that pays him on one side not be there looking for the reaction to his and Portugal’s exit from the World Cup ?


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Could this be another sign getting older is not so bad after all?

Up until last night I was convinced it would be easy to make you laugh at the extent of my ignorance. I'm a shameless football ignoramus.  Last time I watched a game was with my step father, as a teenager, centuries ago. Just looking at people running on a football field made me feel tired --as if I had been the one painfully dragging myself from one end to the other. And so for years, I lived happily without knowing anything about football --not even as much as very basic terms.

But I am disappointing myself.


Salut a tous – this is a converstion I had this morning

Yes I watched the match . I was really disappointed, why didn’t Malouda play ? Surely Thierry Henry should be in the team ? We all expected a better performance. But maybe they’ll find some inspiration from somewhere. They all criticise the coach but it’s the eleven players on the pitch who have to take responsibility….

The words could come from a football pundit, a sports analyst, a journalist following the World Cup or even a player being paid to give pearls of wisdom on every kick of the next four weeks in South Africa.

Infact the wise words aboove on the Uruguay – France non-event came from the young lady who sold me my morning croissants at the boulangerie (bakery) near my home.

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