Malala’s got mail from the Taliban, but what in the world does it mean?

A Pakistani Taliban commander’s letter to Malala Yousafzai is a sort of madcap Islamist version of William Hazlitt’s “On the conduct of life, or advice to a school-boy”.

Sarkozy son awarded teaching job... before finishing his own studies

Nicolas Sarkozy’s second eldest caused uproar this week when it emerged that the 26-year-old had been offered a position as a law professor at a top Paris university, before even completing his own studies.
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Shhh! Homosexuality still in the closet in French classrooms

Should gay historic figures be “outed” in school textbooks? Minister for Women Vallaud-Belkacem raised the debate this week when she condemned the “silence” of schoolbooks regarding the sexuality of prominent gay figures such as poet Arthur Rimbaud.
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‘I’d put the person back into teaching’

Working with troubled children in an area of France best known for its high rate of teenage pregnancy and low level of youth employment, teacher Séverine thinks that putting the human side back into learning could make all the difference.

'I’d spend less on defence and more on research'

Célia is a 22-year-old biology student at the Sorbonne, Paris. She hopes to work in research once she graduates in 2013. That is, if she manages to find a job and move out of her parents’ house before she reaches 30…

Geography, history, twittery? French pupils get Twitter lessons

French pupils as young as five will be taught to use Twitter this academic year, when the popular social network reaches into classrooms across the country as a reading and writing exercise that is bound to get tongues wagging.
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Nottingham University: where you can graduate as a terrorist for life

In 2008 Nottingham University had two Muslim men wrongfully arrested under the UK’s unlawful Terrorism Act 2000. Now, they’re trying to cover up their mistakes, by silencing a report on the affair.
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Mexican youth: Obese, sick and with weak hearts

Mexican diet in a month. Photo from photobucket NeNe_WeNo


If you are in the vicinity of a school in any part of the country, just when the front gate opens and the students come out after a busy school day, they head straight to a food stand located right in front or in the surroundings to buy chips, candies, pork cracklings with hot sauce and lemon, corncob topped with mayonnaise and chili powder or simple they take out their snacks that they bought during recesses at the schoolyard. What is inevitable not to notice in this everyday scene, is that many of the pupils are chubby and their round bellies pops out.