Secco: The Pink Bakery

Known for its incredible selection of fresh breads, decadent pastries, delicious sandwiches, and a pretty candy pink storefront, Secco will always be a Parisian classic.

The Lonesome Death of Han Jin

The Suicide of Han Jin, a Chinese farmer in Shandong province, illustrates the consequences of bad trade policy.

World’s best bread finds new home

The Best Baguette in Paris (and therefore Best Bread in the World) has a new address, but it is still nestled in picturesque Montmartre.
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Heinz Beans to the rescue in Japan

A group of eager foreign volunteers arrived in quake-hit north-east Japan Sunday with two vans full of provisions. Along with nappies and pineapple juice, the main bulk of the shipment consisted of… eight tonnes of Heinz baked beans.
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French cuisine: it’s loved, it’s praised, it’s unrivalled (this is what the French tell us anyhow) and now it has Unesco status

This week the UN’s cultural body enshrined the “gastronomic meal of the French” as part of the “intangible cultural heritage of humanity.” OK, great. But what does it mean (if anything )?
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Mexican youth: Obese, sick and with weak hearts

Mexican diet in a month. Photo from photobucket NeNe_WeNo


If you are in the vicinity of a school in any part of the country, just when the front gate opens and the students come out after a busy school day, they head straight to a food stand located right in front or in the surroundings to buy chips, candies, pork cracklings with hot sauce and lemon, corncob topped with mayonnaise and chili powder or simple they take out their snacks that they bought during recesses at the schoolyard. What is inevitable not to notice in this everyday scene, is that many of the pupils are chubby and their round bellies pops out.