A Closer Japan-Europe Partnership is Long Overdue

Over 400 years after Europeans received exclusive trading rights in Japan, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe returned the favor last week with a nine-day, six-nation tour of Europe.

Alstom Highlights Perceptions of Transatlantic Investment

In today’s transatlantic economy, is there still room for dirigisme and industrial sovereignty?

Transatlantic Collaboration and Latin America: New Opportunities and Incentives?

When U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said last November that the Monroe Doctrine was over, few on either side of the Atlantic took much notice.

Keeping Ukraine’s Door Open to Europe

Last week’s decision by Yanukovich was not a surprise. Ukraine’s failure to meet European requirements for an association agreement should not be seen as the end of the line.

Labor markets and the great stagnation

Markets are pushing innovation in the emerging world, they could be pushing innovation in the developed world.

Wenzhou in Italy

The Chinese underground economy grabs headlines in Europe

The Lonesome Death of Han Jin

The Suicide of Han Jin, a Chinese farmer in Shandong province, illustrates the consequences of bad trade policy.

Doha is dead

After ten years of negotiations the Doha Development Round died on April 29, 2011. A look at why what Doha was trying to do was important, and how things may continue without it.