Keeping Ukraine’s Door Open to Europe

Last week’s decision by Yanukovich was not a surprise. Ukraine’s failure to meet European requirements for an association agreement should not be seen as the end of the line.

Animal rights activists march in Paris demanding closure of slaughterhouses

This Saturday, hundreds of people marched through southern Paris calling for an end to the killing of animals for food. I went along to see what the atmosphere was like.
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Belarus: they got the opposition leader, but forgot the internet

Belarus edged one step further into obscurity last week when it banished the country’s main opposition leader to jail. But despite the regime’s tough stance on dissidents, it seems to have overlooked a potentially invaluable weapon – the internet.

Mexicans want the head of the controversial top war drug official, while journalist claims that he plans to kill her

Around 150 thousands protesters turn out in Mexico City’s main square “El Zócalo” on Sunday May 8th after a four day march that began in the city of Cuernavaca, 90 kilometers south of Mexico city to demonstrate against the drug gang violence...

Mexicans go out to protest against violence and the drug war

Thousands of Mexicans in more then 30 cities throughout the country went out to the streets on Wednesday afternoon to demonstrate against the violence that has stirred up since the Mexican government...

Calling Tehran on Skype; Iranian Diaspora's initiative

Iran's green movement supporters outside the country creatively use Skype to inform their compatriots inside the country on the protest to be held today 14 February (25 Bahman) as Green Movement leaders are incommunicado.

Student Protests on National Student Day

Negar Mortazavi - December 7th is the National Student Day in Iran, protests and events are held at universities around Iran and the World. (This post will be updated with more events) Photo: Tehran University event, 6 Dec 2010