Only in America… the creepiest midterm campaign videos

Political agendas seem to be of little value in this year’s midterm elections. The idea instead is to come up with an alarming narrative and make a video clip out of it.

Japan, India, and Democratic Cooperation in Asia

There was a time, not that long ago, when the question of whether “Asian values” — whatever they meant — were compatible with democracy was being hotly debated.

Russian press review - between rage and dispair

Three days before the election and the Russian media is torn between doom, gloom, resignation and barely veiled threats…. Read our media review to find out why.

The Putin assassination plot – a well-timed revelation?

While few doubt the authenticity of the plot, some commentators are asking if the timing of the report’s release has anything to do with the election campaign.

Prokhorov’s bid for presidency: will rapping his way to a non-existent political party bear fruit?

Have you ever been a member of a non-existent political party whose leader is a famous rap singer?

Russia's “Paris Hilton" is finally rooting for Putin!

Russia’s most famous socialite and TV presenter Ksenya Sobchak, has abruptly decided to join the Putin supporters‘ roaster of celebrities, creating an online sensation. Here's why.

Let’s talk about the “first time”…. (blog entry under parental guidance)

5 years after Obama’s revolutionary online campaign, the Russians are re-writing the manual on web campaigning! Here’s their recipe for getting 500 000 internet hits (and counting).

Welcome to Russian Presidential Election Chronicles

On 4th March, Russians will be heading to the polls to elect a new President. Here's why we decided to live-blog the presidential campaign and the elections in real time.

France 24's spotlight on Russia

Less than two weeks to go now to Russia’s presidential election and Vladimir Putin is not having everything his way. Robert Parsons, our International Affairs Editor, shares his analysis.

Media Crackdown, Episode II

MTV Russia has cancelled "State Department", a weekly politics show presented by socialite and popular TV host Ksenya Sobchak, just hours before a prominent opposition leader was due to appear.