Americans get past mourning fast, and get set to organize

Donald Trump’s election victory may have shocked his critics. But many of them have recovered quickly and are determined to mobilize, organize and not give up the fight in the next four years.

Another shooting, another case of US exceptionalism

From the Civil War-era Confederate states of the Deep South to the white supremacist political ideologies once practiced on a continent from which his victims were shipped and enslaved, the Charleston church shooting bears the burden of history.

Twin Towers are elephant in room at new World Trade Center

It’s here because the Twin Towers are not, but don’t mention that when you visit the three-floor observatory at the top of the new World Trade Center tower.
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Women-only taxis in New York? No thanks

A women-only taxi service has launched in New York after facing legal complications over its discriminatory policy. SheRides is now legally acceptable, but is it good for women?

Only in America… the creepiest midterm campaign videos

Political agendas seem to be of little value in this year’s midterm elections. The idea instead is to come up with an alarming narrative and make a video clip out of it.

Done with the 4th of July

What to expect of July 4th? Noise, fireworks and an excess of red white and blue, I imagined. Apparently, I was too late for the party. Years too late.
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American fans are winning the World Cup

I’m enjoying this World Cup more than the last. Not because my national team is doing well - it’s England, they’re out already - but because I’m watching this tournament from America.
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A Tale of Two Indias

Two stories emerged from India this week. One was the case of two Indian women in New York from two contrasting backgrounds being treated very differently in the media. But there’s just one issue in all thess dichotomies...

Old foes, new friends: Mali eases suspicious minds

In the old days, France was wary of the US messing around on its African turf. But the Mali intervention changed that. Then there’s Nigeria, France’s old Anglophone West African bogey, now turned new best friend. What a difference a war makes.

France aghast as Economist mocks baguette-wielding Obama

British news magazine The Economist has managed to upset the French again, this time by publishing a mock-up of Barack Obama in a stripy T-shirt, red scarf and blue beret, accompanied by the words “broken” and “lousy”.