Jordan’s warrior king ‘suits up’ to fight ISIS – on Twitter

Photographs of Jordan’s King Abdullah suited up in full combat gear, apparently ready to personally take on ISIS, appeared on Twitter this week. They seemed too good to be true – and they were.

Russia's “Paris Hilton" is finally rooting for Putin!

Russia’s most famous socialite and TV presenter Ksenya Sobchak, has abruptly decided to join the Putin supporters‘ roaster of celebrities, creating an online sensation. Here's why.

Another video, another Christmas in captivity?

Last Christmas, the Taliban released a video featuring captured US soldier Bowe Bergdahl pleading for his life. The latest video clip provides few clues of his whereabouts, but the unscripted “backstory” is more enlightening – and frightening.

Image de marque chinoise : entre honnêteté et propagande

Le Global Times publiait récemment un article intitulé : ‘Comment faire pour que le monde nous aime ?’. Une question intéressante que la Chine semble se poser de plus en fréquemment. Comment la Chine en est-elle arrivée la?