Recalibrating Transatlantic Aid in an Era of Emerging Donors

Spurred by the financial crises and the need to most efficiently utilize spending, the United States and European Union have in recent years aligned transatlantic objectives and cooperated more closely on development aid.

Why China Prefers Europe to the United States

During his 11-day European tour, Xi dramatically elevated China’s all-dimensional strategic partnership with Germany, reiterated Beijing’s special ties with Paris, and strengthened the strategic partnership with the EU.

Why China’s Reforms Aren’t Enough

It is not too late for Xi, whose political fortune is now tied to the reform package, to devise a separate political strategy to ensure the success of his plan.

Who's the most attractive partner for Africa? All of them.

In whatever state Europe eventually emerges from its credit crisis, its constituents will need to realign themselves with the parts of the world that are growing. Increasingly, that’s Africa.

Ghana's opposition look to Zambia for election tactics

The opposition NPP party who lost power in the previous election in 2008, seem to have learnt from Sata’s tactics in Zambia, and Akufo-Addo’s party are making efforts to brand the ruling NDC, lackies of Beijing.

Sata wins, changes for China

For Beijing, resource security comes first. The election of Sata will demonstrate to Chinese policy makers that regulating the small players matters.

China and the west work best together in Africa

Western criticisms of China’s engagement are becoming increasingly tired as African governments, and even western multinationals queue up to work with China

How did a jailbreak case gain admiration on the Net?

Sometimes it seems difficult to understand certain stories taking place in China. The latest is a jailbreak case in Heibei province in north China which turned out to get a sweeping admiration from Chinese netizens.
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Why readiness to help becomes a risk in China?

Why Chinese people are reluctant to help? Is it really that they have lost their faith and social conscience during the economic boom? Why is it so hard to do good in China?
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Market Forces

While traders and journalists complain that Chinese goods are bad for Africa, it seems the African consumer simply doesn’t agree.