What’s Sarkozy’s screen name? Just check his Facebook

French politicians have been slow to get online and are far from the leaders in web campaigning. A look at six of the most active candidates and their performances at the start of the country’s first ever web-friendly presidential campaign.

How did a jailbreak case gain admiration on the Net?

Sometimes it seems difficult to understand certain stories taking place in China. The latest is a jailbreak case in Heibei province in north China which turned out to get a sweeping admiration from Chinese netizens.
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Ugly invaders expelled from ‘BeautifulPeople’ website

Journalists and bloggers delighted in the news Monday that an elitist dating website had been infiltrated by thousands of “ugly people” following a cyber attack last month. Look a little closer though, and it’s the beautiful people who won this one.
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Record Labels v. Web Pirates - Tech 24 talks to a music producer about a very 21st century battle

Beyoncé's new album was leaked online three weeks before its release date. Web piracy is the scourge of the record industry in the internet age. But the net has done as much good as harm, propelling unknowns like Justin Bieber to instant fame.