Record Labels v. Web Pirates - Tech 24 talks to a music producer about a very 21st century battle

Beyoncé's new album was leaked online three weeks before its release date. Web piracy is the scourge of the record industry in the internet age. But the net has done as much good as harm, propelling unknowns like Justin Bieber to instant fame.

The x-man

We all know those sayings 'we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover' and 'beauty is only skin deep' - but the British artist Nick Veasey actually strips back the layers and shows us what it's like under the surface...using x-rays.
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What Warhol was to New York, Ed Ruscha is to LA

(A slight deviation for a moment from Paris and to a fabulous exhibition at the ‘Moderna museet’ – Stockholm’s mode

William Kentridge’s First Retrospective in France Mesmerises….



Invisible Mending 2003