War Minus the Drumming

The Eurovision Song Contest takes place this year in Azerbaijan, a country with a poor human rights record. Politics and popular entertainment have long made strange bedfellows in the 56-year-old competition.
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Claude François was the biggest-selling French singer of his time and was the creator of one of the most famous songs of the 20th century. In the English-speaking world though he is practically unknown.

"We'd save the planet, then the music industry"

After 25 years in the French music industry, you’d expect Igor Stanislas and Manu MacManus to be fighting for stricter laws against illegal downloading. Not quite... They’d rather see the government tackling animal rights abuses and pollution.
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A political song duel

Western political campaign managers create slogans. Russian political activists create music videos. Here comes "war of the titans".

SomeFINK different

SomeFINK different - the DJ turned singer-songwriter 'Fink' aka Fin Greenall is in the studio to talk about his new album 'Perfect Darkness.
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Record Labels v. Web Pirates - Tech 24 talks to a music producer about a very 21st century battle

Beyoncé's new album was leaked online three weeks before its release date. Web piracy is the scourge of the record industry in the internet age. But the net has done as much good as harm, propelling unknowns like Justin Bieber to instant fame.

In defense of rap

The firing of a radio station boss has rallied DJ's, hoards of teens, musicians and politicians behind a single, all-important cause.
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Culture Fix

Culture tips for the week
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