Red carpet memories between grim movies

With grim movies galore, it can be easy to forget that there's a fun, glamorous side to Cannes -- which is why we caught up for a quick interview with one of the most seasoned photographers on the red carpet.

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Anna & Bernhard Blume “SX 70/Polaroids 1975-2000”


Anna and Bernhard Blume have been making art together for nearly four decades. Their extensive collaborative body of work primarily focuses on large format black and white photographic series of domestic scenes and ordinary objects, altered by paranormal chaos. The couple are based in Cologne, Germany and their work has been exhibited and critically lauded in their own country and abroad.


The Polaroid exhibit at the Musée Européenne de la Photographie spans a quarter of a century and is a sort of “behind the scenes” of the artists’ lives and works. The photographs, organized chronologically, starts a bit like a new relationship, awkward, novel, with a good deal of nudity and playful romping about with vegetables. They also feature neat parlor tricks with light and post-production on the stills to create simple illusions. The result is ludic, banal and vulnerable.

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