How to get from Brooklyn Bridge to Riker’s Island

A Frenchman has become the latest tourist to embarrass the New York security apparatus by managing to scale the Brooklyn Bridge.
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French court bans Ricard Facebook campaign in judicial first

French judges have ordered pastis giant Ricard to scrap a smartphone app because it allowed users to share cocktail recipes on Facebook. They also banned a campaign by the brand, saying it painted alcohol as a social lubricant.

French psychiatrist convicted of manslaughter after murder by… her patient

In a verdict that could affect the way psychiatric patients are treated in France, a court in Marseille this Tuesday handed a psychiatrist a suspended sentence for manslaughter after her patient committed a gruesome murder. Read more…
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'Missing Megan': Why the French didn’t care to know

While the tale of a runaway schoolgirl and her teacher excited and horrified Brits in equal measures, the French barely noticed it. A case of child abduction or an ill-fated love affair? The cross-Channel viewpoint couldn’t have been more different.
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How did a jailbreak case gain admiration on the Net?

Sometimes it seems difficult to understand certain stories taking place in China. The latest is a jailbreak case in Heibei province in north China which turned out to get a sweeping admiration from Chinese netizens.
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Why readiness to help becomes a risk in China?

Why Chinese people are reluctant to help? Is it really that they have lost their faith and social conscience during the economic boom? Why is it so hard to do good in China?
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Florence Cassez and the true face of the Mexican justice

The Florence Cassez’s case is unprecedented in recent Mexican justice. The so called promise of change that the right wing party, the National Action Party (PAN) bragged by its 2000 presidential candidate....

Silencing the Silent: Taseer’s Murder Exposes Pakistan’s Deep Divide

The murder of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer by his own bodyguard has exposed the deep divides within Pakistani society and threatens to further silence the country’s already beleaguered liberals.

L’affaire Cassez, the farce that deceived a country

The “key testimony” given by the alleged kidnapper David Orozco, on the kidnapping case against the Frenchwoman, Florence Cassez  in May of  2009 and which the Mexican authorities assured that with this testimony proves the guiltiness of the French citizen in the kidnapping of a mother and son and a young man. One year later is revealed that Orozco’s testimony was made after being threatened and tortured by agents of the Federal Police, formaly the Federal Agency of Investigation (AFI).