Dining Out at Cafe Constant

The pleasant staff, warm atmosphere, and delicious French cuisine will make you an instant fan of Cafe Constant--a cafe located in the 7eme.

Rebranding destination France

France is already the first tourist destination in the world, but the ministry of tourism is launching a new aggressive campaign to rebrand the country as a more welcoming holiday destination.


Sushi restaurants have sliced through the wave of fear that was unleashed by the Fukushima nuclear disaster, to confirm they are now a fixture of Parisians' eating habits.

World’s best bread finds new home

The Best Baguette in Paris (and therefore Best Bread in the World) has a new address, but it is still nestled in picturesque Montmartre.
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Food and wine tips with a man once described as "one of the greatest wine writers on the planet." Meet Michael Steinberger.