Mexico’s president, from a mediocre Commander and Chief to a Tour Guide

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has been seen dressed as a military and taking “seriously” his role as Commander and Chief. When the local press does not favor him, he stated that if he had not been a politician he would have been a journalist...

Rebranding destination France

France is already the first tourist destination in the world, but the ministry of tourism is launching a new aggressive campaign to rebrand the country as a more welcoming holiday destination.

Canal Saint-Martin, a veritable catwalk

As the weather turns warm in Paris, crowds swarm the city's ever-popular Canal Saint-Martin, transforming it into a prime spot to see what Parisians are wearing this summer.
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Mexico's makeover attempt

Four years of bloodshed and 28,000 thousand people have been killed in the so-called drug war, and without any doubt this have damaged immensely the image of Mexico throughout the world,[...]