Dying for low prices, literally

A caricature exhibition seeking to remind consumers of the dismal labour conditions that allow for absurdly low prices of goods has opened at the UN.

Victoria Beckham discovers feminism

As correspondents rush between speakers, interviews and deadlines at the UN General Assembly, there was one event on the agenda that provoked a collective eye-roll.

French to save world as Americans stammer over global warming

François Hollande’s $1 billion pledge to the climate struggle on Tuesday is part of an ambitious drive by the French government to save the world from self destruction, with Environment Minister Ségolène Royal suggesting that nobody else is up to it.

Drama and indifference at the UN General Assembly

As world leaders pour into New York for the United Nations General Assembly, mid- Manhattan has returned to its annual state of high-security labyrinth, entire blocks removed of tourists and overrun instead with badges, sunglasses and suits.

Embracing a New Transatlantic Narrative on Africa

A young, increasingly educated, and innovative generation is seeking to change traditional patterns of economic and social development.

When Israel is forced either to have its cake or eat it

Unlike his predecessor Yasser Arafat, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas symbolises the interlocutor Benjamin Netanyahu most dreads: pragmatic, accountable and committed to nonviolence.

Rebranding destination France

France is already the first tourist destination in the world, but the ministry of tourism is launching a new aggressive campaign to rebrand the country as a more welcoming holiday destination.