Les Miserables: a nation trained in gloom

After decades of poor happiness ratings in France despite the country’s excellent quality of life, a Paris-based anthropologist has set about discovering why the French are so much glummer than the rest of the world.
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Outcry as 'fat' French pupils forced to cut down on fries

The French are up in arms over a school canteen policy that limits fried potatoes to one serving per week. It’s something we know only too well in 'larger' countries like the UK and US, but it’s proving a hard sell in Europe’s slimmest nation.
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A Vegetarian in Paris

Tips and insights from a life-long vegetarian into eating meat-free in the land of foie gras and frog legs.

Mexican youth: Obese, sick and with weak hearts

Mexican diet in a month. Photo from photobucket NeNe_WeNo


If you are in the vicinity of a school in any part of the country, just when the front gate opens and the students come out after a busy school day, they head straight to a food stand located right in front or in the surroundings to buy chips, candies, pork cracklings with hot sauce and lemon, corncob topped with mayonnaise and chili powder or simple they take out their snacks that they bought during recesses at the schoolyard. What is inevitable not to notice in this everyday scene, is that many of the pupils are chubby and their round bellies pops out.