Que Faire de Mister Sloane? at the Comédie des Champs-Élysées

"He's a very naughty boy!" Michel Fau's excellent new French production of Joe Orton's Entertaining Mr Sloane is camper than a rows of tents

Extremist arsonists 0 – Satirical weekly 1

While a couple of short-sighted extremists were busy deeming themselves victorious after fire-bombing the offices of a French satirical weekly in the early hours of Wednesday morning, the magazine itself was eyeing a substantial boost in readership.
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After the UK riots: from fightback to firewall?

After the violence, the official response. Thursday saw British Prime Minister David Cameron speak for the third day in a row following the worst riots to hit London and other British cities in decades.

Is Google coming to an end in China ?

Though no one seems to know how the Google vs. China saga will unfold, all signs indicate Google’s exit is imminent. That could be bad news for internet freedom efforts in the country, but great news for the other internet companies –much- less willing to come head to head with the authorities. 

After months of debating – and grandstanding-, Google has come to a decision on how to move forward in China. When we signed on to Google from Beijing on Wednesday, the message beneath the US search bar –usually reserved for in-house advertisments like YouTube- was the following ‘learn about your First Amendment rights with 1 for all’. A coïncidence ? Hard to believe.