France's sexist National Assembly

An MP from the right-wing UMP party has been sanctioned with a cut to his monthly pay after clucking like a chicken during a speech by a woman, in what was only the latest sexist outburst at the National Assembly in recent times.

Chirac attacks Sarkozy in memoirs sequel

After skirting questions from the French press for years, former president Jacques Chirac has finally broken his silence over his bitter relationship with successor Nicolas Sarkozy.

The growing menace of the center

Jean-Louis Borloo's candidature for France's 2012 presidential elections remains unofficial, but in a recent interview the centrist has left little doubt he is ready to challenge President Sarkozy re-election bid.

Road Rage

A government plan to ban road signs that warn drivers of speeding radars has run into trouble with lawmakers from President Sarkozy’s own party. Paris is putting on the breaks.
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The other dark chapter of Strauss-Kahn’s life

A young French novelist has said she is considering pressing charges against Strauss-Kahn for a sexual assault that allegedly took place in 2002. The IMF chief’s dramatic arrest in New York could reopen a troubling chapter of his life.
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TV eco-warrior plans to pollute his reputation

Nicolas Hulot, a television host who has been waging war on behalf of Mother Nature for decades, is loved by all in France. That is, until now.