Paris Shows in Summer

Don't kick an empty can round the streets in summer - there is still great theatre to be found in the capital!

Where no cars go: Paris’s pedestrianised motorway

Taxi drivers and motorists alike have been left incensed by a local government project to convert a stretch of Paris’s busiest road into pedestrian heaven. The plans look pretty, but the resulting traffic jams won’t.

One Parisian’s trash is another’s new vintage lamp...

The neighbourhood brocante in Paris falls somewhere between an antique market and a garage sale. While some sift through second-hand goods in search of a bargain buy, others use the event to spend time with friends and unload unused possessions.
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Relaxing and affordable, a hammam worth visiting

Not quite a spa or a bathhouse, a hammam falls somewhere between the two. After Paris' drab winter and more or less miserable spring, what better place to shake of a case of bad weather blues?
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'Ignite the Light' - The W Hotel Launch Party Paris Opéra