Aid for Profit?

While China's aid to Africa is not purely friendly, nor is anyone else's. All foreign actors share similar motives in Africa, it's their capabilities that are different. Discourse should be about who does what, not either or.

On His President’s Secret Service

The country’s most dazzling intellectual and sometimes spy hero, Bernard-Henri Lévy, is back with another blockbuster.
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Chinese, it's the new black in Kinshasa

The arrival of an estimated one million Chinese across Africa is having an impact far beyond what anyone could have expected. In communities large and small, race relations in Africa are being transformed by these new immigrants.
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China faces new scrutiny in Africa (but this time it’s different)

China is facing new opposition for its policies in Africa but not from its usual critics. This time, a small, grassroots opposition is rallying against Beijing for its alleged selfishness in AIDS funding.
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[AUDIO] China in Africa Podcast: “Aid, Trade & Some Indignation”

There is often a double-standard applied by critics of China's engagement in Africa who overlook decades of failure on the part of Western governments and aid agencies.
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[AUDIO] The China in Africa podcast: getting to know each other

China's engagement in Africa is often described as among the most important geopolitical trends of the 21st century yet these two people know relatively little about one another.
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The Personal Challenge of Being Chinese in Africa

There are an estimated one million Chinese immigrants who now live in Africa. Follow the story of one Chinese migrant to learn about the daunting challenges confronting these news immigrants as they try build new lives in Africa.
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[AUDIO] China in Africa: The Sino-U.S. Soft Power Showdown

The Cold War may have ended decades ago but a battle of ideas rages among a pair of Super Powers rages on today across Africa. The United States and China are engaged in a fierce duel to build influence in this strategically vital region.
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Dance Africa Dance: What I Learned.

A 7 day festival in Bamako in Mali. When I first heard of it I had to google map it. It’s the most important dance festival in Africa with hundreds of dancers from all around the continent. This is what I learned.