Hollande, far from diplomatic with ex at UN

François Hollande and his former partner, Ségolène Royal, found themselves in the same room at the UN headquarters in New York on Wednesday, but failed to say “hello”. So why was the French president so desperate to dodge his ex?

'Anti-white racism': The talk of the town

A conservative politician hoping to take Nicolas Sarkozy’s place as top dog at the UMP party has promised to target what he calls “anti-white racism” in the suburbs of France’s major cities, edging the party further into National Front territory.
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Become a friend of Sarkozy for just €25

Nicolas Sarkozy might no longer be your president, but he’ll always be your friend... For just 25 euros, you too can call yourself a “Friend of Sarkozy”.

After banning the burqa, French lawmakers target floral dresses

An embarassing spectacle took hold of France’s parliament on Tuesday after rightwing lawmakers catcalled Housing Minister Cécile Duflot when she took to the podium in a floral dress.
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The bad, the bad and the ugly in National Front campaign posters

The National Front might be more popular than ever, but it is unlikely to win more than three seats in the French parliament - if it wins any at all. Why so? Surely these frankly dangerous-looking candidates aren't to blame?

Will Europe Turn Left?

Francois Hollande’s victory in France, state elections in Germany, and Greece’s political radicalization all signal a possibility for a revival of the left in Europe. A left-wing wave was anticipated with the beginning of the 2008 financial crisis.

France's presidential portraits, from the garden to the library – and back

French President François Hollande posed in the palace gardens for his “official portrait”, released on Monday. The picture will be hung in official buildings across the country for the rest of his term. How did his predecessors pose for their own?

French presidential elections: drawing a blank

Having now just about recovered from the excitement of covering the French elections, I would like to point out that France’s new president, François Hollande, did not actually win as many votes as it may appear. Find out why...

French presidential elections: Journalist provokes ire of web users for ‘insulting’ marginal candidates

This week, all ten French presidential candidates were interviewed on prime time TV. Afterwards, two political journalists were called upon to analyse their performances for viewers - and one of the two managed to kick up a huge stink online...

French presidential elections: Sarkozy copies Mitterrand

So it’s official: French president Nicolas Sarkozy has still not announced he is running for re-election. At first, it was thought he might do so during Sunday night’s hour-long TV interview. But it was not to be...