France’s gay marriage bill has parliament in stitches... or playing Scrabble

The French government’s gay marriage bill has sparked a sense of hysteria among certain French lawmakers, with a late-night game of vulgar Scrabble and a bout of laughter stirring up an otherwise tedious process.
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French wives encouraged to cheat… as protesters march against same-sex marriage

This week, leaflets in support of this Sunday’s march against same-sex marriage in Paris were distributed to Parisians outside metro stations. But once inside, commuters came face-to-face with posters encouraging them to cheat on their partners.
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'It's got to be gay marriage'

Martin is a sales executive working in Paris. He’s been living with his American boyfriend for the past eight years, and they plan to get married in New York – where it’s legal. No prizes for guessing what he’d change if he were president. Listen in…