A new brute takes over Palmyra’s notorious Tadmur Prison

Situated in Palmyra, near some of the world’s most beautiful ancient ruins, Syria’s notorious Tadmur Prison has fallen from one brutal boss to another.

Famous actress missing in Iran

According to the news site Deutsche Welle Persian, Germany's Persian broadcaster, there’s been no news of acclaimed actress Pegah Ahangarani for the past three days while the place of her detention remains unknown.

Some of Many Case Reports of Serious Violation presented to the side panel of the United Nations Human Rights Council

This report was presented to the side panel of the United Nations Human Rights Council and while preparing this article, we went to know that Dr.Taheri an academic entity, mentioned in this article is on hunger strike since May 4th.

Pakistan's 'Blaspheming' Christians: Suicidal, Insane or Merely Framed?

Pakistani Christians frequently come under the international media spotlight when the minority group bears the brunt of Pakistan’s infamous blasphemy law. But it’s politically blasphemous to expect a reform of the blasphemy law.

A tale of two women and an inconvenient truth

Entrusted with the responsibility to write the first post of this blog, I have been looking for a topical subject which would provide for an immediate introduction to contemporary Iran and offer an insight into my approach as one of the contributors to the blog. This, I found in the story of two women and the differing treatment they have so far received in Mainstream Western Media.