Revealed: Le Pen’s love for non-French music

Thanks to one of Pâté’s top secret sources, we’ve acquired damning video evidence of National Front leader Marine Le Pen’s taste for non-French music sung by a non-white musician. Quelle horreur! Don’t believe us? Watch the video...

Brigitte Bardot: Loves dogs, hates Muslims

Once upon a time, she was France’s most alluring actress and a source of Gallic pride. Today, she’s deemed a pesky old bag and an embarrassment to her country. One thing’s for sure – Brigitte Bardot is still a great source of entertainment.

Holy Cow! Prime Minister’s meat comment angers French Muslim and Jewish leaders

The French Prime Minister Francois has said that in a modern world, halal and kosher dietary laws should be reconsidered. What's the opinion of Parisians who sell and eat halal or kosher meat?

Dodgy campaign photos leave Marine Le Pen red-faced

Far-right presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen has been left red-faced this week after it was revealed by a French blogger that a “homeless man” she used to slate Sarkozy turned out to be an American actor posing for a photo shoot.