Football fashion

Forget about the game. Let's face it, some of these players are strapping young guys. Which reminds me it wasn't entirely true when I said I was a complete football ignoramus. As an 11-year old growing up in the east of France, I had a bit of a crush on star player and local hero Michel Platini.  Back then though, their outfits were not as flattering as they are now--or so it seems. The difference struck me, seeing  the Germans the other night: sleek tops, with sleeves closely covering the upper arms.  Nothing like those oversized affairs players used to wear, tee-shirts you wear to do a paint job around the house. And the German tops were just the beginning. Then came the Ivory Coast Elephants.  Those orange tops outlined it all, muscles, chests, power--you'd want to send them to the Battle of the Bulge. Clingy sportswear some people would wear in a nightclub. But looking at the Portuguese on the same field, something strange was apparent: the Portuguese outfits were nowhere as tight. On the contrary, they looked very similar to those oversized shapeless tee-shirts of the Platini era. How could it be?

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