Cannes juror Nansun Shi: 'There has been very healthy debate'

Today's competition films, "Drive" and "This Must Be the Place", are American stories directed by Europeans. Will the jury like them? We won't know until Sunday, but in the meantime we spoke to one of the Cannes jurors, Chinese producer Nansun Shi.

Competition picks up steam with Malick’s beautiful, booed ‘Tree of Life’

An underwhelming competition picked up major steam with the festival's most hotly anticipated film, Terrence Malick's bold, beautiful "The Tree of Life" -- cue obnoxious booing at this morning's press screening.

A rising star on 'the problems' of being a black actor in France

Far from the red carpet, there are the lesser-known actors who come to Cannes to hustle up contacts and self-promote. We caught up with 30-year-old Tony Mpoudja, who told us about his experience as a black actor in France's very white film industry.

Star-gazers to get their fill at this year's Cannes

Those who complained about a lack of big stars strutting up and down the red carpet at last year’s festival should be smiling this time around.