Human Rights Buried Under $51 Billion Sochi Olympics

The principles of Olympism as captured in the current Olympic Charter clearly denote the primacy of human dignity, non-discrimination, and other basic human rights.

Helping homelessness through football

Solving homelessness is not easy, but every year the Homeless World Cup has shown success in encouraging social inclusion through the international language of football. Nicola Hebden spoke to the organiser and participants to find out more.
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Are fashionable stripes right for French footballers?

The mariner-striped chemise that is flabbergasting the French is not part of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s spring collection.
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French dump foot losers for hand heartthrobs

French sports lovers have been left vulnerable after the national football team's timid performance on the world stage, but they seem to have found the thrills they were missing in the bulging forearms of the country’s wacky handballers.
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HDTV TV is keeping fans home and not at the stadium's

The Spanish Primira, English Premiership, Italian Seires A, German Bundesliga and the French Ligue 1 have started their season’s with a great deal of fanfare and success. In the United States the NFL also got underway with a bang and no matter if was international soccer or American football they all shared something in common. TV ratings were at all-time highs, so you might think all is fine for both the networks and the league.
But there is a trend worth exploring. Almost half of NFL teams are having serious trouble selling tickets to their games. We're not just talking about Jacksonville, Carolina and Cincinnati -- all teams we knew were having possible blackout issues -- but the New York Jets and Giants. Gotham's teams are running ads on all the sports stations in the city trying to sell their premium seats to fans that look at prices and in some cases are being asked to pay double what they paid last season. This, of course, is on top of the new personal seat license -- some of which are in excess of $15,000 a seat.
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