Interview: "Indoor potted plants improve the air we breath in"

Photos by Lorena Galliot


If you thought the best way to keep polluted air out was to close the window, think twice.


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Hope for frequent flyers? Air France and American Airlines test their first "green" trans-Atlantic flight

Photo posted by Amadeus Kanaan on Flickr
Eco-conscious globe-trotters are painfully aware that no matter how much effort they put into reducing their carbon footprint on a daily basis, it will be blown to smithereens the minute they set foot on an airplane. According to the DGAC, a French aviation expert body, one round trip Paris-New York flight (12 000 km) emits more than 1 tonne of CO2 per passenger.

Google Maps tracks oil slick's devastating spread in Gulf of Mexico


I stumbled across a pretty neat Google feature that won’t exactly help us French-at-hearts improve our green credentials, but I found it an eye-opening discovery, so in this blog it goes.