Giant pandas now on display on both sides of the Channel

This Saturday saw two giant pandas go on display to the public in their new home in France, the ZooParc de Beauval. France is now upsides with the UK in the panda department, after Edinburgh Zoo acquired its own pair late last year.
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DSK’s wife: ‘No different from a woman who wears the burqa’

Publishing the first interview with Anne Sinclair since the arrest of her husband in May, French magazine Elle has sparked outcry among some French women, who describe her as both a “victim” and an “accomplice” for standing by her shamed partner.

French Presidential Quiz

French presidential elections are a complicated affair, with dozens of candidates vying for power. As the dash to the Elysée Presidential Palace kicks off, test your French election knowledge with a warm-up quiz.
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What’s in a name? Welcome to … Presidential Pâté

What comes to the average Anglo-Saxon mind when it conjures up an image of France? Baguettes, the Eiffel Tower, croissants, cheese… garlic and rude waiters? Very stereotypical, we know. But that’s what we were looking for in a name for this blog.
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France-Soir: death of a newspaper

Amid all the recent excitement about Marks & Spencer reopening in Paris - on the chic Champs Elysées, no less – I feel somewhat less attention has been paid to events happening on the floors above M&S.
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The return of France’s polygamous Muslim butcher

France’s infamous ‘polygamous Muslim butcher’ was back in the headlines Monday, this time because his 'wives' were caught wearing the niqab in public. The development is the latest twist in a surreal tale that we have yet to hear the last of.
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Outcry as 'fat' French pupils forced to cut down on fries

The French are up in arms over a school canteen policy that limits fried potatoes to one serving per week. It’s something we know only too well in 'larger' countries like the UK and US, but it’s proving a hard sell in Europe’s slimmest nation.
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No ‘bling bling baby’ for Sarkozy – the French don’t give a hoot

When Carla Bruni-Sarkozy told the BBC this week that the French didn’t find her pregnancy interesting, we thought she was being modest. Take a look at the response from French web users however, and it’s all too clear.

Why ‘Mademoiselle’ is an insult to French women

“Is that Madame... or Mademoiselle?” It’s a question often asked in France, whether you’re opening a bank account, voting, or even booking a train ticket. But French feminists argue that France needs to stop defining women by their marital status.