'Missing Megan': Why the French didn’t care to know

While the tale of a runaway schoolgirl and her teacher excited and horrified Brits in equal measures, the French barely noticed it. A case of child abduction or an ill-fated love affair? The cross-Channel viewpoint couldn’t have been more different.
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Become a friend of Sarkozy for just €25

Nicolas Sarkozy might no longer be your president, but he’ll always be your friend... For just 25 euros, you too can call yourself a “Friend of Sarkozy”.

Pets abandoned in their thousands: the dark side of summer in France

Summer is not a good time to be a pet in France. Between 60,000 and 100,000 furry creatures are abandoned every year when their owners go on holiday, according to animal welfare groups. Intrigued by these figures, I decided to find out more...
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After banning the burqa, French lawmakers target floral dresses

An embarassing spectacle took hold of France’s parliament on Tuesday after rightwing lawmakers catcalled Housing Minister Cécile Duflot when she took to the podium in a floral dress.
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The bad, the bad and the ugly in National Front campaign posters

The National Front might be more popular than ever, but it is unlikely to win more than three seats in the French parliament - if it wins any at all. Why so? Surely these frankly dangerous-looking candidates aren't to blame?

One Parisian’s trash is another’s new vintage lamp...

The neighbourhood brocante in Paris falls somewhere between an antique market and a garage sale. While some sift through second-hand goods in search of a bargain buy, others use the event to spend time with friends and unload unused possessions.
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France's presidential portraits, from the garden to the library – and back

French President François Hollande posed in the palace gardens for his “official portrait”, released on Monday. The picture will be hung in official buildings across the country for the rest of his term. How did his predecessors pose for their own?

Palme of reason or Palme of passion?

One day before the big prizes are handed out, Cannes has a serious case of Palme fever. Will the jury go for the Palme of reason ("Amour"), the Palme of passion ("Holy Motors"), or something unexpected?

Amid Palme d'Or gossip, 'Holy Motors' steals 'On the Road' thunder

Speculation about what film could take home the top Palme d'Or prize raged at Cannes Wednesday, with Leos Carax's crazy, inspired "Holy Motors" seen as a frontrunner. Walter Salles's lovely "On the Road" drew mostly shrugs and scoffs.

Brad Pitt, chocolate fountains, and lesbian vampire warriors

In twelve hours on the Croisette, a party with dancing film critics and a chocolate fountain, a blunt crime thriller starring Brad Pitt, and a look at some of the more absurd films being shopped around the sprawling Cannes Market.