Le Monde criticize harshly Calderon’s war

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On one of Wednesday’s editorial of the renowned French newspaper “Le Monde” titled "Le Mexique miné pour les barons de la drogue” (Mexico undermined by the drug barons) caught my attention by it scathing of the text. It’s not because it says   anything that isn’t true, on the contrary, sums it up very well the terrible situation that the country stands, thanks to the unbeatable fight against the drug cartels that president Felipe Calderon launched more then three years ago.

I’m amazed at the number of French people who are now Algerian

I’m sure there’s a link with France versus Mexico and the unconvincing displays of Raymond Domenech’s squad.

Much was made of the make up of the world champions in 1998 – France was called “black, blanc, beur” in reference to the racial mix of the squad; players of African, Maghreb (north Africa) and classic white European (i.e. French ) origin.

Now with France all but on the plane home, and Algeria facing England tonight – so many of my friends and colleagues are suddenly Algerian.


And why not?


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A historic match! After 80 years Mexico finally beats les Bleus

celebración de mexicanos

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The victory of Mexico over France has revived the enthusiasm of the fans and the local media considers it as historic. For the skeptics, like me, we were proven wrong. I have to admit that I had my doubts if the national team could overcome “Les bleus”, the sub-champions, and taking into account that Mexico has never beaten the French national team, since both teams first played back in the 1930 Uruguay FIFA World Cup opening match.

« Ribéry meilleur dans l'axe »

Je ne sais pas dans quel dispositif tactique l'équipe de France va évoluer face au Mexique, ni quels vont être les changements, mais ce n'est pas ça qui m'intéresse. Ce que j'attends, c'est que les joueurs prennent leurs responsabilités. Je pense que les responsabilités de Raymond Domenech s'arrêtent où commencent celles des joueurs. Il n'est pas là pour cacher la forêt. Je ne suis pas d'accord avec ceux qui ne voient que des qualités aux Mexicains. On a largement la possibilité de gagner, il faut simplement que les joueurs prennent leurs responsabilités et fassent ce qu'on attend d'eux depuis très longtemps : jouer en bloc-équipe. Ensuite, en fonction des joueurs qu'on a sous la main, je pense que Ribéry serait meilleur dans l'axe que sur un côté. Tout du moins s'il met son talent au service de l'équipe. Je ne suis pas d'accord avec les nombreux observateurs qui veulent mettre Malouda à gauche et Ribéry à droite.

Salut a tous – this is a converstion I had this morning

Yes I watched the match . I was really disappointed, why didn’t Malouda play ? Surely Thierry Henry should be in the team ? We all expected a better performance. But maybe they’ll find some inspiration from somewhere. They all criticise the coach but it’s the eleven players on the pitch who have to take responsibility….

The words could come from a football pundit, a sports analyst, a journalist following the World Cup or even a player being paid to give pearls of wisdom on every kick of the next four weeks in South Africa.

Infact the wise words aboove on the Uruguay – France non-event came from the young lady who sold me my morning croissants at the boulangerie (bakery) near my home.

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L’affaire Cassez, the farce that deceived a country

The “key testimony” given by the alleged kidnapper David Orozco, on the kidnapping case against the Frenchwoman, Florence Cassez  in May of  2009 and which the Mexican authorities assured that with this testimony proves the guiltiness of the French citizen in the kidnapping of a mother and son and a young man. One year later is revealed that Orozco’s testimony was made after being threatened and tortured by agents of the Federal Police, formaly the Federal Agency of Investigation (AFI).