At Cannes, cinema without borders and an ‘Indian Brigitte Bardot’

With an Iranian film set in Japan, a Korean film starring French actress Isabelle Huppert, and the "Indian Brigitte Bardot" wheeling and dealing on the Croisette, Cannes this year suggest the borderless, globalized nature of cinema today.

Festival director and feminists lock horns as Cannes prepares for take-off

Critics are drooling over screening schedules, star gazers have camped out across from the red carpet, French feminists are fighting with festival organiser Thierry Fremaux...and things haven't even kicked off yet. Welcome to Cannes!

Big names, hip casts, and hot topics outside main Cannes line-up

Big-name directors, hotshot up-and-comers, a hipster duo in period garb, and movies about terrorism, cross-dressers, and the seedy underworld of the Indian film's a peek at the juiciest-looking movies outside the main competition.

Faces of Cannes: Ten performances to watch

Teen idols striving for artistic cred, a Romanian newcomer, an aging US heartthrob, Hollywood's favorite French actress, a Korean leading man, and more. Here's a sneak peek at ten of the most eagerly awaited performers in competition this year.


Claude François was the biggest-selling French singer of his time and was the creator of one of the most famous songs of the 20th century. In the English-speaking world though he is practically unknown.

"We'd save the planet, then the music industry"

After 25 years in the French music industry, you’d expect Igor Stanislas and Manu MacManus to be fighting for stricter laws against illegal downloading. Not quite... They’d rather see the government tackling animal rights abuses and pollution.
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‘I’d put the person back into teaching’

Working with troubled children in an area of France best known for its high rate of teenage pregnancy and low level of youth employment, teacher Séverine thinks that putting the human side back into learning could make all the difference.

Algeria, 50 years on: No commemoration here

The Algerian War is one of those historical episodes that everyone seems to talk about in France – but only in a way that skims the surface. France and Algeria are at pains to come to grips with a painful shared history.

'I’d ban the French from whingeing'

When we set off for France’s indoor farm convention this week, we went in search of a farmer. But after endless moos and baas from hundreds of model livestock, we found something much better. An eccentric mayor who says he would like to ban…moaning.

A Categorically Great Writer

Georges Perec died thirty years ago this Saturday. One of the most enjoyable of French writers, his work was also marked by a tragic personal past.