Socialists don’t know 'real work': Sarkozy’s desperate Mayday call

With five days to go till election day, a desperate Nicolas Sarkozy was faced with a dilemma Wednesday when France’s annual leftwing mass-gathering took hold of the capital. Solution? Gatecrash the party! And insult the Socialists, naturally...

French celeb threatens to flee country if Hollande wins

“If Hollande wins the election, I'm leaving the country.” That’s what tantruming French celebrity Françoise Hardy is threatening after Socialist candidate François Hollande suggested taxing millionaires 75% earlier in his campaign.

François Hollande seen from London: A charismatic bank-bashing rockstar

François Hollande spent Wednesday in London, eating Yorkshire puddings with his Labour counterpart and posing for photos under Big Ben. How did the British press react to the French presidential frontrunner’s cross-Channel sojourn?

Welcome to the ‘Ministry of Suburbs’

An abandoned city mansion in the centre of Paris found itself some new tenants this week when what Sarkozy would describe as ‘Suburban rabble’ moved in. Find out why François Hollande went round for tea and biscuits...

Throwing food at politicians: A national French pastime

François Hollande getting covered in flour is no big deal for a French politician. Both Nicolas Sarkozy and Ségolène Royal have had cream pies thrown in their faces, and Lionel Jospin once came under attack from a tube of Ketchup. Watch the videos...

French presidential elections: Sarkozy copies Mitterrand

So it’s official: French president Nicolas Sarkozy has still not announced he is running for re-election. At first, it was thought he might do so during Sunday night’s hour-long TV interview. But it was not to be...

Merkozy for President?

Fiscal union is being touted as the answer to all the eurozone's problems - but how will Sarkozy sell it to a sceptical electorate?