Sarkozy’s arch-enemy crashes into presidential battle

Dominique de Villepin, the man who President Nicolas Sarkozy once said he wanted “hung on a butcher’s hook”, announced his bid for the French presidency Sunday sending the incumbent’s camp into panic mode despite his low polling.

French Socialist primaries: the week I felt sorry for the ‘third man’

This week, much media attention in France was devoted to Arnaud Montebourg, who surprised everyone by finishing third in the first round of the Socialist Party primaries. But with this success came a dilemma.

Dual citizenship in the cross-hairs?

In its drive to charm ultra-nationalist voters, members of Nicolas Sarkozy’s UMP party are taking shots at dual citizenship in France. But the latest debate on French hides a different and more worrying trend.

The Socialists’ two-horse race

The Socialist Party’s primaries are still months away and many candidate names have been floated. But the contest that will decide the main challenger to Nicolas Sarkozy’s re-election bid in 2012 is fast turning into a two-horse race.

Chirac attacks Sarkozy in memoirs sequel

After skirting questions from the French press for years, former president Jacques Chirac has finally broken his silence over his bitter relationship with successor Nicolas Sarkozy.