TV eco-warrior plans to pollute his reputation

Nicolas Hulot, a television host who has been waging war on behalf of Mother Nature for decades, is loved by all in France. That is, until now.

Rupert Murdoch, bringing out the best in Britons

By allowing media mogul Rupert Murdoch to buy up the entirety of BSkyB last week, the British government has probably created a monster. Luckily for us, every baddie needs a goodie, and the general public is all too willing to provide…
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Prime time is cooking

Despite their tradition and passion for cuisine, the French are only starting to warm up to cooking shows.
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Mexico's makeover attempt

Four years of bloodshed and 28,000 thousand people have been killed in the so-called drug war, and without any doubt this have damaged immensely the image of Mexico throughout the world,[...]