Media-mad US jihadist in Somalia finally kicked out of al Shabaab ranks

America’s best-known jihadist in Somalia, Omar Hammami – also called “al Amriki” – has officially been kicked out of the al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab in one of the Islamist group’s smarter moves.

Clinton's Comments Explained

There has been a great deal of comment in Africa about Hilary Clinton’s statement made in Nairobi regarding China’s role on the continent. Here I explain why she doesn't really mean it.

Osama’s gone, Pakistan drones on and Afghanistan is the biggest loser

Osama bin Laden’s death exposed the trust deficit in US-Pakistani relations. But the US will continue to trust Pakistan with billions of dollars of aid while withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. The losers? Afghanistan once again.

The Yanks Are Coming

The World Cup ambitions of US Soccer and the United States Mens National Team (USMNT) firmly rest on the shoulders of Clint Dempsey.  Most people would argue the fact that other players are more important than the Fulham FC midfielder, but the case remains that when Dempsey is on, he's ON.


Two players that are arguably more important would be Tim Howard and Landon Donovan.  Both players are undoubtably the best assets to Team America, but their time together at Everton would show you that both never have a dip in form.  Donovan showed his talent throughout his loan period in England, scoring vital goals and even helping in a 5-1 demolition of fellow American Jozy Altidore's Hull City.


All of this being said, Dempsey is the man that must not go missing in South Africa.  The American has struggled with injuries in the second half of the season but is now back to full action for Fulham.  The tale tell sign of a quality athlete is the ability to bring the people around you to greater heights, and that's just what he did.


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