[AUDIO] China's Religious Revival

Is China facing a "morality crisis?" In the face of growing economic inequity, more and more people are turning to religion on the mainland. We explore this important trend on the China Talking Points podcast.
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Chinese, it's the new black in Kinshasa

The arrival of an estimated one million Chinese across Africa is having an impact far beyond what anyone could have expected. In communities large and small, race relations in Africa are being transformed by these new immigrants.
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China faces new scrutiny in Africa (but this time it’s different)

China is facing new opposition for its policies in Africa but not from its usual critics. This time, a small, grassroots opposition is rallying against Beijing for its alleged selfishness in AIDS funding.
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[AUDIO] China in Africa Podcast: “Aid, Trade & Some Indignation”

There is often a double-standard applied by critics of China's engagement in Africa who overlook decades of failure on the part of Western governments and aid agencies.
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[AUDIO] The China in Africa podcast: getting to know each other

China's engagement in Africa is often described as among the most important geopolitical trends of the 21st century yet these two people know relatively little about one another.
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The Personal Challenge of Being Chinese in Africa

There are an estimated one million Chinese immigrants who now live in Africa. Follow the story of one Chinese migrant to learn about the daunting challenges confronting these news immigrants as they try build new lives in Africa.
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[AUDIO] China in Africa: The Sino-U.S. Soft Power Showdown

The Cold War may have ended decades ago but a battle of ideas rages among a pair of Super Powers rages on today across Africa. The United States and China are engaged in a fierce duel to build influence in this strategically vital region.
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Image de marque chinoise : entre honnêteté et propagande

Le Global Times publiait récemment un article intitulé : ‘Comment faire pour que le monde nous aime ?’. Une question intéressante que la Chine semble se poser de plus en fréquemment. Comment la Chine en est-elle arrivée la?

About having a BCD - Bad China Day

What an exciting time to be in China. Wherever you are, it is fascinating to be part of and witness this momentous transformation. But when confronted to the extended cultural difference, there are times when even the best of us lack patience and understanding with our Chinese hosts who make you repeatedly shake your head, drop your jaw and widen your eyes. We all have them, those days when the thrill of living in China is less than thrilling. This is what us laowai – foreigners in Chinese- call a ‘bad China day’ –or BCD-.

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Is Google coming to an end in China ?

Though no one seems to know how the Google vs. China saga will unfold, all signs indicate Google’s exit is imminent. That could be bad news for internet freedom efforts in the country, but great news for the other internet companies –much- less willing to come head to head with the authorities. 

After months of debating – and grandstanding-, Google has come to a decision on how to move forward in China. When we signed on to Google from Beijing on Wednesday, the message beneath the US search bar –usually reserved for in-house advertisments like YouTube- was the following ‘learn about your First Amendment rights with 1 for all’. A coïncidence ? Hard to believe.