Cheated French warn Britain against EU divorce... and beef with jam

The French press reacted to British Prime Minister David Cameron’s EU referendum speech on Wednesday with an array of metaphors including tales of divorce, murder and religious sacrifice. Who would have thought European politics could be so exciting?
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A croissant in the oven at the Elysée?

The rumor mill in France is turning at a frantic pace with the following, and still unconfirmed, tale: First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy will give us an Elysée baby in the Fall.

Saving President Sarkozy?

Nicolas Sarkozy sees the UN-sanctioned military action in Libya as a chance to rejuvenate his image at home. But is it a case of too little too late?

National Frontrunner?

According to two opinion polls this week France's far-right candidate Marine Le Pen is on track to win the first round of next year's presidential election.
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